The Howie Games Podcast with Mark “Howie” Howard serves as an invaluable resource that offers a unique and engaging approach for school’s social and emotional learning.

By tapping into the wisdom and experiences of world-class guests featured on the podcast, “Learn From” lessons allow students to gain access to a real life learnings and insights that transcends traditional wellbeing and social and emotional teachings. Key topics include how elite athletes ‘speak out’ against negativity, managing emotions and stress, using their growth mindset to reach the top level, persisting with challenges and never giving up to succeed, dealing with perfectionism, peer pressure challenges and being yourself, understanding performance and other types of anxiety, the courage to change, inclusion and diversity, shame and authenticity, the power of being a good teammate and friend among many others. These opportunities to learn from accomplished individuals, hailing from various fields of sports and entertainment, share their personal journeys are based off evidence and data collected to provide much needed engaging learning in the social and emotional learning space.

The lessons are connected and linked to the Personal and Social capability, to create compelling, host driven and easy to teach and engage with. Students follow along with the podcasts, completing hands on challenges and activities along the way, providing a rich and unique experience for social and emotional learning. 

If you are interested in this content for the 2024 school year, please leave your details in the contact form below.