The Smiling Assassin. From his record breaking 364 games at the Bulldogs, he regularly cut teams apart with 558 goals… all with a gigantic smile. 

This episode is all about positivity, good energy, hard work, following your passions and your dreams and not reaching the ultimate glory, but still being content. 

Plus, some motorsport, media, being an entrepreneur and more. Oh, and Gary Moorcroft’s mark as well as getting hit by a golf cart. 

This one, will put a smile on your dial!

Johnno is now doing amazing things off the field, together with his wife Donna, they have developed the Zena Sport Female Impact Vests, head to Zena Sport NOW and check them out!

A huge thanks to Johnno, as well as Stef Rezzara from Hot Shot PR for making this episode possible!


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