The reigning Masters Champion joins the Howie Games – that’s right, the reigning US Masters Champion! The green jacket is even still in his cupboard! 

The much-talked-about LIV Golfer gives great insight into his decision to depart the PGA Tour, including the financial and family reasons for the change. He opens up about his experiences across the globe from taking on and beating Tiger Woods in his Ryder Cup debut, and discusses the deep emotional significance of winning major titles like the US Open and The Masters, detailing the mental resilience required to conquer such prestigious tournaments. 

The former World Number 1 – and still one of the best golfers in the world – offers invaluable insights into the mental aspect of golf, discussing how managing thoughts, focus, and pressure are crucial to success, both on and off the course. 

Watch Jon and the all new Legion XIII team play in their first ever LIV Golf Adelaide tournament Live and Free on Network 7 this 26 -28 April at The Grange Golf Club. Head to for tickets. 


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