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#TheHowieGames | Chris Scott is a two-time premiership player with the Brisbane Lions and a Premiership coach of the Geelong Football Club. This chat does go back and looks at Chris’s upbringing and playing career, but it’s more an insight into the life a modern coach. A role that seems to be part manager, part psychologist, part motivator and part teacher. It is also a role that forces some very tough decisions on those charged with the responsibility. Hopefully this episode gets away from the Chris Scott you see on game day and takes you into the world of Chris Scott the father, husband, brother, leader….and cook of fancy steaks! Stay safe crew.

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Shane Warne relives his famous 99 on the Howie Games

Shane Warne has relived the innings in the latest Howie Games Podcast, touching on the frustrations he felt at the time and how a an ashtray, a shower and a beer helped him and the team see the lighter side of things. Read about it on the Fox Sports website or download the full episode for […]


The Howie Games is back for Season 2! Some incredible guests are set to feature including Cathy Freeman, Sam Newman, Mick Fanning and Cadal Evans. Subscribe to the Howie Games in iTunes or download the Podcast One app. Stoked that #TheHowieGames returns Monday July 24 for Series 2.Get it on @iTunes or @PodcastOneAU A little […]

THE HOWIE GAMES: Season 2 Update

Production of THE HOWIE GAMES: Season 2 is well underway! Over the past month I’ve had the honour of sitting down with some of the biggest names in Australian & world sport which I can’t wait for you to hear. In the latest “update” episode you’ll hear some exclusive clips from the new season. The […]

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